Study results released on Kewaunee County water contamination

Study results released on Kewaunee County water contamination.
Luxemburg, Wis. (WBAY)- For months we’ve been hearing stories about brown water in Kewaunee County.
A study conducted by three different agencies to sought to determine that, and at a public meeting in Luxemburg Wednesday night a big crowd gathered to find out, what’s causing it.
That contamination level is much higher than in other counties within the state.
Some of it, stems from shallow soils– which are used for farming and bed rock beneath that.
Groundwater Task Force said, "There’s not enough soil to filtrate all of the viruses and contaminates.
We also have some likely contamination coming from septic systems."
The county hopes to use these study results as a way to promote changes both at the local level and with state legislators.
Davina Bonness of the Kewaunee Co. Land & Water Conservation Department said, "So what we’re doing in the county is we’ve dropped a couple of ordinances trying to get some low pressure drip irrigation systems, trying to spread that window of manure irrigation over the entire growing season, and hopefully that will help with some of the manure contaminants."
Also, inspections of septic systems are now a bigger priority.

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