Surgeries cancelled as Saskatoon City Hospital under boil water order

By The Canadian Press, originally posted on November 15, 2016


A Saskatoon hospital has cancelled all surgeries because of water problems.

The Saskatoon Health Region says Saskatoon City Hospital experienced water quality issues late Monday and was immediately put under a boil-water order, meaning no tap water can be consumed in the building.

Nearly 40 scheduled surgeries have been postponed and additional procedures, including endoscopies, have also been postponed until further notice.

However, the region says the hospital is still open for non-invasive procedures and appointments, including the emergency department.

It says emergency water supplies, including bottled water, have been distributed to all units and departments for patients and staff.

Dr. Johnmark Opondo, the region’s deputy medical health officer, says at this point, they do not know what caused the water quality issue.

“We have taken all the necessary safety precautions to protect our patients and our staff while we await the results of the water quality testing,” Opondo said Tuesday.

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