Systems Thinking Builds Markets

The iDE Bangladesh team stuck by the principles of systems change but tailored the process using adaptive management.
When market actors are connected and incentives aligned, the whole system benefits—improving health and social outcomes for consumers while increasing the market’s economic sustainability.
Working with market actors across public, private, and civil sectors to engage the whole system drives improved sanitation.
A systems approach: Bringing the public, private, and development sectors together to address sanitation.
When contracts are not enough: adaptive management and private sector engagement.
5 ways the team at iDE practice adaptive management when they partner with the private sector Rethinking sanitation in Bangladesh started with redesigning the toilet.
Markets are dynamic—the Bangladesh program employed an adaptive management approach to address shifting perceptions, unforeseen challenges, and new opportunities.
Improving sanitation at the last mile takes a willingness to learn, a flexible mindset, and the courage to shift course when necessary.
Adapting marketing approaches to today’s evolving consumers.
After three years of investment and innovation, it costs iDE and our donors $11 to empower a family to buy a latrine.

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