Hawaii volcano eruption: Acid rain from Kilauea could enter DRINKING WATER, warn experts

With Kilauea having been in an eruptive phase since May 3, sulphur dioxide, is being released into the air constantly.
Acid rain can result when it combines with atmospheric water downwind of a volcano.
In addition, lava reacting with cold seawater can produce vapours known as laze, which can be similarly harmful.
Fissure 8 , the source of most of the lava flowing into the ocean at Kapaho Beach, has reshaped the landscape in the south-east of the island, completely filling the area formally known as Kapaho Bay and creating more than 550 acres of new land.
Recent days have seen a series of collapses at Kilauea’s summit and the Halemaumau crater equivalent to a magnitude 5.3 earthquake, including one yesterday, while lava continues to flow into the sea.
A County of Hawaii statement warned: “Hawaiian Volcano Observatory reports that Fissure 8 continues to erupt lava steadily into the perched channel leading northeastward from the vent.
“An overflow lobe moving around the west side of Kapoho Cone remains active and small brushfires are reported along the margins.
Wed, June 13, 2018 Hawaii volcano eruption aerial pictures show huge fissures open near Kilauea crater – see the latest pictures.
“Kapoho Beach Lots and Four Corners area are closed to any access.
“Be aware that spill overs of the channel and other breakouts are possible on the active flow field, do not access the active flow field due to extreme hazard.

2 Council Members Plan To Introduce Resolution Urging Emissions Cut At Incinerator

2 Council Members Plan To Introduce Resolution Urging Emissions Cut At Incinerator.
Two Baltimore City Council members say they will introduce a resolution at Monday’s council meeting asking state officials to lower emissions limits for the city’s (and state’s) largest trash incinerator.
Ed Reisinger and Mary Pat Clarke’s resolution would call on regulators to set a limit of no more than 150 ppm of those gases every 24 hours, on par with Connecticut and New Jersey.
The current limit is 205 ppm.
“Setting these lower pollution limits would be a first step in addressing the negative health effects of the city’s major incinerator,” said Reisinger, who with colleagues has been promoting “zero waste” initiatives to clean up Baltimore’s environment.
“Asthma is a major problem in the city, and Maryland should take every opportunity to reduce pollution that triggers asthma attacks," Clarke said.
"Lower pollution limits set by MDE would help everyone, while also reducing nitrogen pollution in the Chesapeake Bay.” The EPA, the council members say, has found the Baltimore area isn’t meeting federal air quality standards for smog, so the state is obligated to set lower emissions levels, and activists say that the BRESCO incinerator is a good place to start.
“The BRESCO incinerator is a real problem — it released more nitrogen oxides air pollution per unit of energy in 2015 than any other large power plant in Maryland," Leah Kelley, an attorney for the Environmental Integrity Project, said in a statement.
Ironically, given the air pollution concerns, the incinerator is the destination for would-be water pollution: the trash and debris collected by the trash wheel at the mouth of the Jones Falls.
The incinerator also burns trash from Baltimore City, Baltimore County and other localities.

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Editorial: A day for celebration and protest

Saturday is Earth Day, the annual holiday to advocate good stewardship of the planet, launched in 1970 by the late Wisconsin senator Gaylord Nelson. This year it will be marked by a March for Science, which bills itself as a “global movement to defend the vital role science plays in our health, safety, economies and governments.” We have mixed feeling about the pairing. Science, to be credible, must be impartial, objective and nonpartisan. The widespread reduction of federal support for scientific endeavors proposed by the Donald Trump administration – cuts to budgets of the National Institutes of Health, the EPA, NASA and agencies performing and funding research – would do great harm. They would slow the quest to cure disease, feed a hungry world, combat climate change and keep the U.S. economically competitive. That makes the need to rally public support of the scientific research imperative. Marches by scientists and their supporters, however, risk being seen as political acts. If so, that could hurt support for science in the long run. Countering that is the potential for demonstrating that scientists are not rarified beings who all look like Dr. Emmett Brown in Back…

Coal editorial shortsighted

Your editorial on the topic of coal providing cheap power was incredibly shortsighted, especially for a newspaper that is published in the Adirondacks, the epicenter of the acid rain environmental disaster that afflicted the Northeast in the 1960s and 1970s. This acid rain was caused by the high concentration of pollutants from the coal-fired power plants of the Midwest, resulting in the nearly complete elimination of all life in the lakes and streams of the Adirondacks which were basically reduced to pools and rivers of sulphuric acid. Perhaps your editorial writer is too young to remember this deadly situation, which was not corrected until the formation of the Environmental Protection…