Big Q, Easy A: What Does ‘Green Fashion’ Really Mean?

What does it mean for a product to be “Eco-Friendly”?
Not all products are completely biodegradable, but the more organic materials used in a product, the more biodegradable the product and better for the environment.
Brand Example: Svilu Buy It!
Brand Example: Back Beat Rags Buy It!
Brand Example: Ashley Pittman Buy It!
Ashley Pittman Earrings, $375; What does it mean for something to be upcycled?
Often, companies will supplement environmental sustainability with programs that give back to communities or provide training to artisans, creating lasting sustainability qualify What is sustainable production?
Can a product be eco-friendly, but not sustainable?
Can a product be sustainable, but not eco-friendly?
This does not mean that the product is necessarily eco-friendly; however, it’s pretty safe to assume that if something is eco-friendly or sustainable, that it has been ethically made.

This Edible Water Bottle Is How You’ll Drink In The Future

This Edible Water Bottle Is How You’ll Drink In The Future.
And after two years of development, its designers are ready to bring it to market.
Three London-based design students first created a prototype of the edible bottle in 2014 as an alternative to plastic bottles.
Roughly a third of water bottles sold are a half-liter or less.
The package doesn’t have to be eaten every time, since it’s also compostable.
You’re not expected to eat the peel of your orange or banana.
The company is targeting both outdoor events and cafes.
“Where we see a lot of potential for Ooho is outdoor events–festivals, marathons, places where basically there are a lot of people consuming packaging over a very short amount of time,” says Pasilier.
The designers say that people have embraced the novelty in tests.
“If you think of a coffee machine in the cafe that makes the coffee just before you drink it, we’re working on something that would be about that size.” At events, the same process could happen from the back of a food truck.