California’s drought and floods are over and just beginning

By Jay Lund California is a land of extremes – where preparing for extremes must be constant and eternal.
California is a land of water extremes.
California also can become very wet – which can cause floods if inadequately managed and prepared for.
California must manage for both extremes.
Even in dry years, we need to prepare for floods, in preparing infrastructure and emergency management.
In all years we need to improve capabilities and coordination among water agencies (local, state, and federal).
The drought took two years to develop and two years to end (although some effects will last for decades).
Preparation is key to managing extremes – for both droughts and floods.
The state’s major drought, flood, groundwater, water right, rural drinking water, and environmental management problems mostly span agency responsibilities, requiring a common coherent technical program.
As a mostly dry place with a highly variable climate, California’s water problems are eternal and will always be punctuated by floods, droughts, and other emergencies.