Symptoms if there is no Sufficient Water in Human Body – Signs of Dehydration

Symptoms if there is no Sufficient Water in Human Body – Symptoms of Dehydration: Water will reduce many problems in our body. Nothing will replace the value of water in our body. If you are drinking enough water, get ready to tackle the health issues. We have to know the problems that we are going to face if not consuming water. Water will carry many functions in our body like lubrication, moistening, detoxification, transportation of nutrients, cell functioning, maintaining the internal organs healthy etc. Drinking water early in the morning will benefit us more than taking it throughout the day, Signs of Dehydration More water will detoxify our body. The water from copper containers is good for health. We have to drink water before we feel thirsty. Once we feel thirsty it is the indication that our body is dehydrating. People has to consume eight glasses of water daily for making the body function normally. In summer we have to take more water. Here is the information regarding the symptoms if we are not drinking the enough quantity of water. Signs if We did not Drink Enough Water: Dry Mouth: The first sign if we did not consume enough water is the dry mouth. We will feel…

Capital residents in pursuit of safe drinking water

Islamabad-Next to Oxygen, safe and clean drinking water is exponentially indispensable as well as utmost important for human survival since around 75 per cent body is water. Notwithstanding being extremely essential for human body, over 38 million people do not have an access to clean and safe drinking water in the country, rather its paucity is surging. Federal capital is faced with scarcity of potable water let alone other parts of the country are being supplied safe drinking water. Long queues of people holding bottles at filtration plants in the federal capital territory lend credence to safe water outage. Mineral water companies are capitalizing the situation of water shortage and getting their water business flourished day-by-day in the name of supplying safe drinking water. As the residents are already worried about irregular supply of water in the Federal Capital, the situation is going to get worse owing to the onslaught of sizzling summer approaching swiftly. Talking to APP, Azaz Malik, a resident of Sector F8/1 said the issue was almost a decade old now but Capital Development Authority (CDA) could not come up with a sound plan. “The only solution to the issue for the civic body lies in supplying water through tankers. But this remedy also went ineffective besides being controversial among citizens,” he said. When contacted, CDA Spokesperson Mazhar Hussain said sufficient potable water was being supplied to the capital city from the existing sources and no abnormal situation…

Bottled water: The importance of pH

What is pH level?
Can water alone do it?
By staying hydrated and drinking a lot of water, the kidneys are able to excrete the acids better.
They will indirectly affect the buffering mechanisms of the body, and therefore also affect the body’s pH.
Once alkaline water enters your stomach, your body simply pours in greater amounts of acid to neutralize it, they say.
It is important to establish the difference between the acidity or alkalinity (pH level) of one’s body, meaning the pH of one’s blood, and the acidity of one’s stomach.
The human body’s acidity level (the acidity of the blood) is not, in any way, affected by the pH level of the stomach or the pH of what is eaten or drunk.
The following is how each buffering system gets rid of the excessive acid in a nutshell: • The lungs get rid of the acids by converting acid into Carbon Dioxide, which we simply breathe out • The kidneys combine the acids with Bicarbonate and excrete the excessive acids through the urine • The blood, which has high a concentration of proteins, combines them with the acids, and this keeps the pH in the normal range Is the human stomach in mainly an acidic environment as the gastric juices are acidic?
Hence, sparkling waters are mildly acidic (pH level is between 6-7).
Some bottled water brands in UAE and their pH and sodium levels