How Villagers Are Risking Their Lives To Get a Pot of Water In Telangana

How Villagers Are Risking Their Lives To Get a Pot of Water In Telangana.
Telangana: With temperatures soaring in Telangana, water scarcity has affected villagers even before peak summers.
The situation especially in places like Chandraghad in Mahabubnagar district is so acute that the villagers are lowering themselves into wells with the help of ropes tied to nearby trees in order to collect water.
Water crisis in large parts of Telangana is not a new phenomenon.
Currently though, out of 67 municipalities, only 14 are getting a regular supply of water.
Rest are either getting water on alternate days or even once in three to four days, said reports.
As temperatures continue to remain over 40 degrees and with the Met department predicting a harsh summer, the situation is likely to worsen in coming days.
While the Telangana government has promised concrete measures to deal with drinking water problems, Chandraghad locals claim that despite repeated requests to Sarpanch and government officials, the authorities have made no efforts to ensure water supply for the village.
While talking to News18, locals said that they were facing problems to even get water to drink and cook food, let aside for other activities.
Their lives are so harshly affected that the children do not go to schools due to lack of water.