Grants released, but no drinking water

Grants released, but no drinking water.
The issue of drinking water scarcity echoed at the drought review meeting chairedby Zilla Panchayat president Chaitrashree Malathesh at Mudigere Taluk Panchayat on Tuesday.
Zilla Panchayat member K R Prabhakar said that several villages in Kalasa Gram Panchayat in the taluk have been facing acute drinking water shortage, although the Panchayat has received enough grants.
“Following the order, all gram panchayats, except Kalasa, have purchased tankers for supply of drinking water.” Taluk Panchayat vice president Savitha Ramesh said some people have been politicising the drinking water issue in Kirugunda Gram Panchayat.
The Zilla Panchayat president said that the panchayat development officers should inform of such incidents during meeting.
Spot inspections should be held in every village.
Some members said that load-shedding has been troubling the students in the rural areas of the taluk.
“Power supply should not be stopped during the examination time.
Also, uninterrupted power supply should be ensured for the drinking water supply process,” they urged.
Zilla Panchayat members Amita Muttappa and Sudha Yogesh, Taluk Panchayatexecutive officer Gurudutt and others were present at the drought review meeting.