Going wild: Madison County 4-H hosts nature field day

Going wild: Madison County 4-H hosts nature field day.
“It is a field day, but it is all educational, hands-on activities and experimental learning to gain an interest and/or review.” Students rotated amongst various stations to listen to small classes on soil, owl pellets, wildlife, wood magic, water cycles, entomology and nature adaptations.
Many of the classes allowed children to get up close and personal with their subjects.
Darst explained students studying soil would discuss the various colors of dirt and nutrients present.
As they learned about the water cycle, some students were surprised to hear that they drink the same water that was on the earth when dinosaurs roamed.
“Why read it in a book when you can experience it,” Darst said, explaining the significance of the field day for young learners.
Dawn Thornbury, Waco Elementary fourth-grade teacher, agreed, noting that interactive learning is significant because it keeps students engaged while keeping their minds and bodies active.
4-H Goes Wild has been a popular event for 4-H for nearly nine years, according to Darst.
Approximately 400 fourth-grade students from Glenn Marshall Elementary, Waco Elementary, Kirksville Elementary and Daniel Boone Elementary attended Tuesday’s field day; nearly 400 more students are expected on Wednesday.
Ultimately, Darst said 4-H is hoping to sneak in how fun nature, environment and natural resources can be and get students more interested in the outdoors where they can explore.