Areas of Rocky Point under boil-water alert

Water-main break affects areas around the 9,000 block of U.S. 117.
Some sections of the Rocky Point area are under a boil-water alert.
Water consumers of Pender County Utilities in Pender County along the 9,000 block of U.S. 117 South, Lacy Padgett Road, Bridgeside Road, Fallbrook Lane, West Tumbling Waters Road, East Tumbling Waters Road, Babbling Creek Road, East Strawberry Lane, Tarwolf Trail, West Strawberry Lane, Camellia Drive, Rose Drive, and Magnolia Drive are experiencing periods of low pressure and outages in the distribution system due to a 12-inch water-main break.
Periods of low or no pressure in the distribution system increases the potential for back siphonage and introduction of bacteria into the water system.
Therefore, when water service is restored consumers are advised to boil all water used for human consumption (including drinking, making ice, brushing teeth, washing dishes and food preparation) or use bottled water.
Vigorous boiling for one minute should kill any disease-causing organisms that may be present in the water.
Water customers are strongly urged to conserve water whenever possible.
This advisory sent Sunday morning remains in effect until further written notification is issued.

Predicting ‘when to do what’ in gardens is tricky

Hello valley gardeners!
The abundant rain this past winter had great impact on the volume and quality of blooms.
A minor pruning to remove old blooms will reset the cycle of blooming.
Continue shaping the bush for best production by pruning the cane to an outward facing bud.
As I always say, organics are much better for your soil, your garden and the environment.
One must cover up bare body parts when applying chemical treatments for disease or pests.
I prefer composted mulch, not course wood forest products, applied to a depth of four inches.
Some roses are now being grown in our area that are grafted onto Fortuniana root stock, and these roses have a different root habit – their root systems are shallower but also broader, so watering is best done covering the entire bedding area verses the local zone for Dr Huey grafted roses.
Use of organic fertilizer will eventually save you money as in time less is needed as it will improve the soil components instead of reducing the elements, especially if you also add three to four inches of composted mulch every two to three years.
I have grown many varieties of roses in my gardens.

Roseville hosts Earth Day celebration for all

Roseville hosts Earth Day celebration for all.
Locally, Roseville will host its 10th annual Celebrate the Earth Festival on Saturday at Mahany Regional Park.
According to organizers, attendees will learn “how choices we make every day help to create a sustainable community all year long.” The Roseville fest also showcases some of the many advances made in conservation since Earth Day began.
Popularized during the 1800s, Lady Banks is a climbing rose, famous for its ability to reach huge proportions.
The world’s largest rose bush (covering more than 9,000 square feet in Tombstone, Ariz.) is a Lady Banks.
But as Dewey reminded us, that should be Rosa banksiae, not Banksia.
“Banksias are plants endemic to Australia and were named after Sir Joseph Banks,” he wrote.
“The Lady Banks rose from China was named after his wife.
Although people call them Banksia roses, that’s wrong.” Lady Banks roses look nothing like Banksia flowers, which resemble protea and other exotic Australian blooms.
Debbie Arrington: 916-321-1075,, @debarrington Celebrate the Earth Festival What: This family-friendly Earth Day event features live entertainment, kids’ activities, animal shows, green vendors, local food trucks and much more.

Floriculture wilts as temperatures soar, water scarcity adds to misery

Floriculture wilts as temperatures soar, water scarcity adds to misery.
However, this summer being extra harsh, export activities have taken a hit.
According to data available with the Union Ministry of Agriculture, the total value of the floriculture business has come down from Rs 460.76 crore in 2014-15 to Rs 306.95 crore in 2015-16.
Karnataka accounts for a large portion of the floriculture business in the country with a total cultivated area of 30,900 hectares, followed by Tamil Nadu which has a cultivated area of 55,000 hectares of floriculture.
The bud size of the flowers have become small because of the heat and, hence, cannot be exported.
While previously Karnataka used to cater to the demand for roses in Australia and New Zealand, this market, too, has come down because of the quality of produce having gone down, said Anne Ramesh, member of International Flower Auction Bangalore and president of South India Florist Association.
The number of roses exported by us every month stand at nothing less than 1.5 million pieces.
However, at the moment, it is not more than 10,000,” she said.
Owing to drought and the climate change, over the past two years, production has been affected a lot,” said Sharath Hittalamane, retired additional director of horticulture.
Due to water scarcity, production has almost come to a standstill, he said.