May’s frost, June’s drought damages strawberry production at local farm

May’s frost, June’s drought damages strawberry production at local farm.
GALESBURG, Mich. — When Ben Martin and his team started to pick strawberries Monday morning from his farm it became a more tedious task than expected.
So they quickly stopped and “threw in the towel.” “Everybody’s looking at me like ‘Hey, it’s not even worth being out here,’" said Martin about the conversation they had on the field.
However by the end of the month, they only had enough for 400.
He said they came in too small in size and it all began with the frost in May.
“And what most people don’t know is that the flower blossoms are what turns into the fruit.
There was little rainfall and strawberries need 2-3 inches of rain a week in order to fully blossom.
“It doesn’t help knowing it keeps it dry,” said Martin about the near-drought conditions.
Last year’s strawberry season was a blockbuster.
“We have an annual event which was held the 17th of June [to] get a lot of people out to the farm for our ice cream social,” said Martin.

Macb investigating quality issue in flavoured water

Macb investigating quality issue in flavoured water.
Food Standards Scotland said some consumers had felt unwell after drinking macb strawberry & kiwi flavoured bottled water.
Macb has withdrawn some products from the market.
Users on social media said the drink ‘smelt like paint thinner’.
Reports of consumers feeling unwell Macb Strawberry & Kiwi still flavoured water in 1.5L and 330ml bottles with best before date August 2018 is affected.
“Food Standards Scotland is aware of an investigation involving macb strawberry & kiwi flavoured bottled water following reports by consumers of feeling unwell after drinking it, and is liaising with the food business and relevant enforcement authorities.
We will continue to work with the business regarding this investigation and further information will be issued as soon as it becomes available.” We have an issue with Strawberry & Kiwi 1.5l & 330ml bottles, BB 08/18.Despite odour & taste,it’s harmless.Other bottles/flavours unaffected — macbwater (@macbwater) June 22, 2017 Cott Beverages bought Sangs and brands including macb in 2012.
Macb: Drink is not harmful The firm would not answer any of our questions but said it was made aware of a quality issue relating to the macb Strawberry & Kiwi flavoured drink in a statement.
“We take our responsibility as a quality soft drink manufacturer very seriously and we are removing affected products from sale.
“We apologise to anyone who has received a bad experience with any of our drinks and once againwe would like to reassure you that this is not a food safety issue and the product is harmless.”

Extreme drought extended across Northeastern Mass.

NORTH ANDOVER — With much of the state locked in a severe drought, Governor Charlie Baker urged the public on Thursday to restrict water use as officials extended support to farmers whose crops have been damaged by the withering conditions. Massachusetts is facing its worst drought in more than a decade, and areas of “extreme drought” have extended across the northeast part of the state, according to the US Drought Monitor’s latest report, released Thursday. Before last week, officials had not declared an extreme drought in Massachusetts since the Drought Monitor began its surveys in 1999. The extreme conditions have damaged the state’s agriculture and overall economy and require a broad, collective response, Baker said. “This is a really big issue and this is a really big deal,” said Baker, standing in front of a strawberry field that has been stunted by the lack of rainfall. “Minimize your water usage both inside and outside your home. You can eliminate or limit watering your lawns, you can eliminate or limit washing your car.” With the drought showing little sign of relenting, state officials are working to develop an emergency loan program to help affected farms and small businesses. “All of us know the importance of farming in Massachusetts in terms of our food supply,” said Jay Ash,…