WA truckie’s homegrown charity carrying $100,000 of hay across Nullarbor for drought-affected NSW farmers

"He pulled up and he says, ‘I’ve had an idea … and you can’t say no.
In just four weeks, with the help of his wife, Glenn ‘Yogi’ Kendall and fellow driver Peter Wright amassed more than $100,000 worth of hay and farm supplies from WA farmers and businesses for drought-affected NSW farmers.
It is the second hay convoy to leave from Western Australia since it was declared last month that 100 per cent of NSW was in drought.
These people down here, they know drought … they’ve seen drought so they just jumped on real quick and supported us," he said.
Promoting regional life Mr Kendall said the convoy would also highlight the struggles of rural living.
"Each night for the next five nights we’ve got structured events organised so we want to promote rural businesses, we want to promote regional living, we want to promote the idea of locals looking after locals," he said.
With the staggering amount supplies donated, and a lack of trucks to cart it across the Nullarbor, about 100 tonnes has been left behind in WA.
Communities pull together On the invitation of farmer Emily Starcevich, the convoy made its first overnight rest stop in the small town of Salmon Gums on WA’s south-east coast.
You’ve got to support your neighbour," he said.
With a population of just under 800 people, on Monday night the Salmon Gums community raised $800 for drought relief, which will accompany the eight trucks of hay and pellets bound for NSW farmers.

Himachal felicitates woman truck driver from Punjab

Lauding the efforts of a woman truck driver Jaswar Kaur for her efforts in ensuring smooth water supply in Shimla, Governor Acharaya Devvrat felicitated her here on Saturday.
The Governor presented Jaswar Kaur, who hails from Sangruru, a memento at Raj Bhawan.
The Governor said, “ She has not only driven the water tank in difficult geographical conditions and hilly roads of the state but has also set an example in society by contributing in the noble cause of providing water.” She has become an ideal for others, he added.
An official spokesperson said in the view of water scarcity and an appeal by Governor, Sai Engineering foundation with the support of Maha Panchayat Haryana played an important role in ensuring smooth water supply in the city.
Sai Foundation provided approximately 27 water tanks to lift water from Satluj to Gumma water storage tank free of cost.
The people were provided with approximately 10 lakh litres water per day, he said.
Almost 18 kilometres distance was covered from Satluj to fill up the water storage tank at Gumma by each tanker, he added.
Jaswir Kaur provided water to people through 27 water tanks of Sai Engineering foundation.
The convener of Maha Panchayat Haryana Sampuran Singh said the Maha Panchayat has decided to adopt Jaswir Kaur’s son and will provide for his educational expenses.
The Governor also honoured Lakkha Singh, husband of Jaswir Kaur, on the occasion.

PA Trucking Company Delivers Hay and Hope to Montana Drought, Wildfire Victims

Eau Claire, PA — A trucking company from Butler County is getting national attention for delivering hay thousands of miles away to ranchers in Montana affected by drought and wildfires.
“These ranches have been in these families for years, and it’s their livelihood,” Perry Altmire Jr. told the Billings Gazette.
Altmire lives in Eau Claire, PA, a small town in Butler County, and spearheaded the “PA for Montana” effort to coordinate and deliver hay donations to the region.
His trucking company delivered five truckloads of hay over 1,600 miles to Miles City, Montana.
Altmire’s delivery joins more than 30 other truckloads of donations delivered this month in Eastern Montana. The region continues to deal with the impact of a historically severe drought and a summer filled with relentless wildfires.
Facebook posts about Altmire’s efforts began catching the attention of users from all over and even more donations came pouring in.
“By Wednesday morning we had over 10,000 views and it just kind of took off,” Altmire said.

Gateway Trucking Company Owner Gets 5 Years Probation for Illegal Dumping

Gateway Trucking Company Owner Gets 5 Years Probation for Illegal Dumping.
LOS ANGELES, CA — The owner of a waste-hauling company was sentenced to five years probation Monday for dumping 11,000 gallons of waste water and soap into a tributary of the San Gabriel River in Santa Fe Springs.
David Lee Flury, the 62-year-old owner and operator of Flury Industries Inc., a Santa Fe Springs-based waste-hauling company, pleaded guilty a year ago to a felony charge of water pollution.
Prosecutors asked for him to serve 18 months in prison, but U.S. District Judge Stephen Wilson opted for the probationary term.
The San Gabriel River, one of the three most important waterways in Southern California, flows into the Pacific Ocean at Alamitos Bay between the cities of Long Beach and Seal Beach.
Flury had previously been indicted in Los Angeles federal court on multiple felony counts, including water pollution, mail and wire fraud, witness tampering, destruction of evidence and identity theft.
The grand jury indictment alleged that Flury used interstate wire communications and the mail system to defraud about 17 customers out of more than $350,000.
The indictment alleged that Flury told his customers that he would pick up their various waste products and transport the waste for disposal at a facility licensed to receive and dispose of such waste products.
Instead, Flury illegally dumped tens of thousands of gallons of waste products into the San Gabriel River and desert areas in Riverside County, he admitted.
— City News Service, photo via Shutterstock