Using the FluidScan and Homogenizer Preparation to Measure Gross Water Contamination in Turbine and Industrial Oils

Table of Content Introduction A very serious issue in turbine and other industrial oils is water contamination, and water testing forms a part of any lubricant condition monitoring program. Turbine oils normally are formulated to have oxidation resistance, high thermal stability, and exceptional water separation. Lubricants that are commercially available specifically for steam turbines or gas turbines, are fabricated with specific additive formulations, but there are also numerous oils that can function with different types of turbines. Gas turbines tend to build up sludge and varnish while steam turbines may experience foaming, oxidation, and sludge. However, water contamination in turbine systems is a concern. Severe water contamination can result in changes in the oil’s viscosity, additive depletion, accelerated oxidation, and reduced bearing life. Turbine manufacturers commonly advise a warning alarm limit of