Boil advisory in effect after third water main break in 36 hours

It’s the same line that has lead to a boil water advisory for people living in Monessen, Charleroi and Speers.
The water was turned off for about 15 to 20 minutes Wednesday afternoon, according to the Water Authority.
About 3,000 customers are impacted and are using the water buffaloes, including 90-year-old Irene Sarran.
"You need it for your teeth.
You don’t realize how much you need water until something like this happens," Sarran said.
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The Department of Environmental Protection will test the water quality Wednesday and Thursday to ensure the water is safe to drink.
Once the Water Authority receives confirmation that the water is safe, the advisory will be lifted.
The original break was repaired Tuesday evening, but officials in the community said it ruptured again.
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Portion of Aspinwall without water after several water main breaks reported

ASPINWALL, Pa. — The water has run dry in Aspinwall, leaving about 600 people scrambling on Thursday. Borough Manager Melissa O’Malley said there was a leak on 8th Street Thursday morning. She said, “As we were fixing that leak, we ended up having two additional leaks, so we actually turned the water off.” When the water comes back on, people will have to boil water for about 48 hours. The borough is making sure anyone who needs it has…

Residents Flock To Water Buffaloes As Boil Water Advisory Remains In Effect

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Water cooler conversation had a different meaning in Bethel Park Tuesday, as customers of Pennsylvania American Water were filling their containers at a water buffalo.
Some people were there before daylight.
“We figure, let’s get there before everybody else,” said Rita Belback, who lives in Bethel Park, “…and how precious that water is, that’s the whole thing.” Bethel Park is one of six locations where water buffaloes were placed, to provide water for the customers affected by the Boil Water Advisory.
Several restaurants in the area were closed.
Al Taffel stopped by the water buffalo to get water for his four restaurants.
“Today, we have to figure out how to wash dishes and things like that,” Taffel told KDKA’s Lisa Washington, “but the important thing is keep hands washed and gloving up when handling the food.” In Jefferson Hills, Jim Ross needed water for his pets.
“This is for my dogs,” Ross said.
Pennsylvania American Water did their first test Monday night.
Until the advisory has been lifted, Pennsylvania American Water customers should boil their water for one minute and let it cool, before using it.
“I put two pots of water on the stove right away…a couple big pots and I put them in the refrigerator to cool them down,” Belback said.

Steps underway to quench thirst of livestock

Ads by Kiosked Anantapur: With the month of April experiencing high temperature, livestock-cows, buffaloes, sheep and goats- are questing for drinking water to just wet their throats.
Highlights: New scheme of constructing water tubs for the cattle launched on April 3 in Anantapur district The scheme is jointly executed by DWMA and Animal Husbandry department To offset drinking water shortage, District Collector Kona Sasidhar devised a new scheme to cater to water requirements of 48 lakh sheep and cattle in the district.
The purpose of the scheme is to provide drinking water tubs for the cattle in all villages in the district.
The scheme was launched by the Collector on April 3, 2017 to supply water to livestock especially during the on-going summer months.
These are community water tubs and all the cattle can quench its thirst from the tubs.
The construction of each tub costs Rs 25,000 with 17 per cent of it as wage component and 83 percent for materials.
In case of water scarcity, tankers will supply water to the water tubs and ensure availability of water for livestock throughout the day.
All the water tubs’ construction has been completed and proving to be a great boon to the cattle even as mercury levels are rising.
To effectively tackle thirst of livestock, the scheme is being executed on a war footing to prevent animal deaths and distress sales.
By Ravi P Benjamin