More than 400 water tankers quench thirst in Aurangabad

The region, comprising eight districts, is getting water through 635 tankers.
Of these, 438 have been pressed into service in Aurangabad district alone, officials said.
In Beed district, population of 2.14 lakh is receiving water through 113 tankers, whereas Jalna district has 59 tankers providing water to 1.39 lakh people.
A senior official from the revenue department said on Saturday that over 565 wells have been acquired from different parts of Marathwada to fill water tankers.
“Maximum wells (251) have been seized in Aurangabad district, followed by Beed (129), Osmanabad (96), Jalna (87) and Nanded (2).
The water from these acquired wells is strictly reserved for drinking purposes only,” he said.
The demand for tankers is increasing rapidly.
Among eight districts of the region, Beed district reported the lowest (47%) average annual rainfall, followed by Aurangabad (51%) and Jalna (60%).
Gangapur tensil is the worst affected with 113 tankers, followed by Vaijapur (92), Sillod (78), Paithan (70) and Aurangabad (42).
In Beed district, tehsil limits of Beed is receiving maximum number of tankers (32), followed by Georai and Ashti (both 26).

‘Give priority to water supply by tankers’

Pramod Madhwaraj, Minister of State for Fisheries, Youth Services and Sports, has directed officers of Udupi City Municipal Council (CMC) and Panchayat Development Officers (PDOs) to give priority to supplying water by tankers to water scarce areas in Udupi city and all gram panchayats in Udupi Assembly constituency respectively.
Mr. Madhwaraj said the PDOs should clear the bills of contractors supplying water through water tankers within a week.
Though the rains were lesser this time, the complaints about water scarcity were lower compared to last year, he said.
K. Raghavendra, CMC environment engineer, said water was being supplied in the city through around 50 tankers daily.
He said there were 911 poor people living in rented houses in the Udupi Assembly constituency.
Of these, 595 were from Udupi city.
They would be provided with sites soon so that they can build houses.
These sites would be provided in the city and in surrounding villages.
2.7 lakh each to construct their houses, while those belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes would get Rs.
Already 50 acres of land had been identified in rural areas, while 14 acres of land had been identified in the city to be given as sites to the poor.