Council bans bottled water from city buildings

Council bans bottled water from city buildings.
City of Powell River council has voted to ban the sale of single-use plastic bottled water inside its civic buildings.
Councillors CaroleAnn Leishman, Karen Skadsheim, Rob Southcott and Russell Brewer voted in favour while Maggie Hathaway and Jim Palm voted against the ban.
Powell River Youth Council forwarded a recommendation last month that the sale of single-use bottled water be banned at Powell River Recreation Complex and city hall.
“Letters have also come in from residents requesting that council ban the sale of bottled water at civic facilities and the complex, and not have bottled water at public events we are involved in and or hosting,” said Leishman while introducing the motion at the meeting.
Hathaway said that while she appreciated youth council’s thoughts, city council was being asked to vote on something it had not yet been briefed on by city staff.
City parks, recreation and culture director Ray Boogaards is scheduled to present a report on the issue to council at its meeting on Tuesday, April 18.
“There may be ramifications and we have asked staff for a report,” said Hathaway at the meeting, “so I would prefer to get the report first to see what kind of pitfalls there might be to this action before voting in favour of it.” Palm told council the issue is more complicated than just simply ending the sale of bottled water completely.
“This is a great opportunity for a teachable moment, not just a complete ban,” Palm told the councillors.
“We’re not talking about banning bottled water from outdoor events or from Walmart,” she said.