Take small bites out of Earth Day to make it more digestible

Take small bites out of Earth Day to make it more digestible.
Earth Day can be overwhelming.
I try not to think globally about Earth Day, despite its name, and more of a reminder to start some good environmental deeds in a small way, stretch them throughout the year, and blend them into my everyday life.
I would never suggest breaking your coffee habit, but at least try to break the senseless habit of excess paper consumption and the destruction of trees.
Bring a reusable cup for your next coffee break.
Idling cars are the devil’s work.
Cars run on fossil fuels, which along with coal-burning power plants, are the biggest contributors to the greenhouse gases that cause climate change.
Don’t give up your car (although doing that, at least once a week, and buying a fuel efficient car are things to ponder), but decrease the amount of time your exhaust is spewing into the atmosphere, otherwise known as idling.
If you do use plastic bags, make sure to recycle them at stores that distribute them.
You can also recycle plastic bread bags, cereal bags and those pesky newspaper bags.

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