Tap App Helps You Find Free Water Nearby & Avoid Buying A Plastic Bottle

But water?
Launched on Oct. 23, Tap app helps you find free water near you, according to Forbes.
Created by entrepreneur Samuel Ian Rosen, Tap allows smartphone users across the world to find the closest free public drinking fountains or water bottle refill stations, says Forbes, including businesses and restaurants that have signed up as a part of the global Tap Authorized Refill Network.
“Nobody up till now has built a Google Map for (drinking) water,” Rosen told Forbes.
When I go to Google Map and type ‘water fountain,’ there is nothing.
"I thought it was ridiculous that in 2018 I’m buying a plastic water bottle that’s going to last 450 years on earth because I couldn’t trust the drinking water at the fountain."
Jack Taylor/Getty Images News/Getty Images Tap shows you in real-time where you can find water, says mindbodygreen, and you can filter (no pun intended) by what kind of water you’re looking for, such as flavored, sparkling, and, well, filtered water.
The app also shows you “water ATMs,” where you can buy unpackaged water to refill an existing water bottle, Forbes reports.
It’s great for them —they get more people who are eco-conscious coming into their store,” Rosen told the Philly Voice.
Jack Taylor/Getty Images News/Getty Images Rosen isn’t the first to attempt to launch an app aimed at helping people find public sources of free drinking water.

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