Test-run of suspended Sarmalauk distillery allowed amid public opposition

Test-run of suspended Sarmalauk distillery allowed amid public opposition.
The authority has allowed a trail run of suspended Sarmalauk distillery in Nyaungdone Township of Ayeyarwady Region amid the strong public opposition, according to sources.
The authority decided to close it after locals lodged a series of complaints to the government about the direct disposal of sewage into Panhlaing River without treatment, the emission of ashes and smokes and water pollution.Locals have called for the complete shutdown of it.
MP Ni Ni Moe representing Nyaungdone Township Constituency said: “Four members in the inspection team were urged to sign the test-run of it.
The factory will produce 1,000 gallons of alcohol and dispose of 12,000 gallons of sewage water.
Our duty is to inspect whether the disposal of sewage water is systematic or not.
It is located in the middle of the village and not in accord with the law.
I have already submitted a report that it doesn’t pay tax fully.
Now locals are collecting petition signatures opposing the reopening.
I too will submit a compliant letter to the government.”

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