Test water wells yearly

Harvey blew away her water well building, tank and water softener system.
Residents with private water wells should get the wells tested if they haven’t since Harvey and should continue to do so yearly, agriculture officials said.
"It’s very important to be sure we don’t have bacteria or anything swimming in our water we don’t want there," Wittnebert said.
Wells that were damaged and not flooded also had the possibility of being contaminated, he said.
If a well is contaminated, the owner should get a certified water treatment specialist to help fix the problem.
If the wires had problems, he replaced them, he said.
For Traux, a water well service call costs $150.
Weeks and months after the hurricane, the company received a lot of requests to fix broken windmills that generated water wells to fill stock ponds and troughs for livestock.
The company also received many calls about flooded water wells and questions about what to do.
Officials advised owners to test and sanitize their wells before using their wells’ water, Seekamp said.

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