Texas hospital forced to evacuate patients due to lack of water

Texas hospital forced to evacuate patients due to lack of water.
A Texas hospital was forced to evacuate patients on Thursday due to a lack of water at its facilities.
Nearly 200 patients at Baptist Beaumont Hospital were being transferred by air to other acute care facilities in the area.
Baptist Beaumont Hospital spokeswoman Mary Poole said the hospital’s main pumping station lost service, meaning the acute care center no longer has access to potable water.
Poole said the hospital is working with HCA Healthcare to move patients to nearby facilities.
“Due to the citywide lack of services we have no other alternatives but to discontinue all services which will unfortunately include emergency services,” the statement said.
“This is being done immediately.” City manager Kyle Hayes said that it’s unclear when they will be able to provide residents with potable water, and that continually rising flood waters on the Neches River are covering the pumps that serve as a primary source for drinking water.
Hayces said city workers won’t be able to assess the damage or check for repairs until the water recedes.
The city’s backup water source, which is locoated in Harden County, also failed.
Officials are attempting to get bottled water to residents as quickly as possible.

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