Thames Water problems: Shop owners accused of ‘cashing in’ on crisis with £8 bottles of water as 5,000 homes still without supply

Shop owners were today accused of cashing in on London’s water crisis by charging up to £8 for bottles of water as 5,000 homes remained without mains supplies.
Several schools in the area also remained shut today, while one emergency water station had apparently have run out of supplies.
A spokesman for Thames Water today said teams were working “flat out” to locate and repair damaged pipes, bleed airlocks and restore pressure in affected areas.
Venting his frustration online, he wrote today: “Day four with no running water in SW16.
“The thing is, their sole purpose is to make money and they’re a one-off.
They feel lied to after all these messages about service coming back.” One shopkeeper said he “wasn’t surprised” by the water bottle price hike, adding: “I’ve had to pay £20 to go in a taxi to pick up bottles front the wholesalers – it sells out so fast.
Thames Water some answers now would be good.” A mother of three from Streatham, Anna, who gave birth last week, told the Standard: “The lack of any communication or accurate information has been appalling.
“The most stressful thing is not being able to do dishes, I had baby screaming at me for milk but [I had] no clean bottles left.” Dunraven primary and secondary school in Streatham was closed for a second day today.
Sunnyhill primary in Streatham also remained closed, while the Livity special school in Streatham was also closed to all pupils, saying: “Thames Water is dealing with water leaks around Streatham and the school has no water.
“Although the situation is recovering we still need to ask for help from the majority of our customers who do have water.

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