The 167th Airlift Wing base source of Martinsburg water contamination

The 167th Airlift Wing base source of Martinsburg water contamination.
MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — The federal government will pay millions of dollars for cleanup after it was determined the 167th Airlift Wing was the source of industrial chemicals that contaminated a groundwater source for Martinsburg’s public-water system.
Martinsburg City Manager Mark Bladwin told MetroNews affiliate WEPM the city has been working with the guard for several months discussing the issue.
“The city is pleased the guard is making the effort to correct that contamination so the Big Springs water plant can be used to its full capacity,” Baldwin said.
The Big Springs water-filtration plant closed in May 2015 after PFCs, or perfluorinated compounds, were discovered.
The Environmental Protection Agency issued new lifetime exposure health advisories for the chemicals, which have been linked to cancer, liver damage and birth defects in recent scientific studies.
Baldwin said an agreement between the city and the government providing for reimbursement of incurred costs and future costs is expected to be finalized in the next couple of months.

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