The drought may have made you forget, but snow in June is a thing

The drought may have made you forget, but June snow in California is a thing.
While it’s not necessarily unheard of to see thunder, rain and even snow in June, years of drought may have made people forget the past, Kochasic said.
“In recent memory, it’s been so dry that it seems even more rare,” he said.
Lassen Peak was expected to get up to 12 inches of snow, and the storm has some wondering whether the opening of the park’s road at the summit will be pushed off.
(Photo: Greg Barnette/Record Searchlight) Apparently plowed snow could be seen on the side of the road before the blockade Monday, and the owner of nearby JJ’s Café in Old Station said there was only some generally stormy weather there and snow in the hills, but not at lower elevations.
The road to the park is currently closed form Sulphur Creek to Devastated Area, according to map on the park’s website.
“Weather is the single biggest factor in our business,” he said.
“I mean, I close down for, you know, five weeks around the first of the year, because nobody’s up here.” Despite the blustery weather last weekend, Woodman said the restaurant was jam-packed.
He believes people are just ready for it to be summer.
“I’m just glad that … the weather forecast is supposed to clear up and be beautiful for the foreseeable future.”

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