The Government of Canada supporting improved access to drinking water in Six Nations of the Grand River First Nation

The tendering process is already underway.
This project will allow for a direct connection from the water treatment plant to I.L.
Thomas School, which treats well water on site, and O.M.
Smith School, which receives trucked water.
The project will also provide an opportunity for future connections to the water distribution system to more 400 homes currently on wells.
Our government is proud to work with Six Nations of the Grand River First Nation and to support their efforts to expand their water distribution system.
I commend Chief Hill and council for their efforts in improving water distribution and the future vision for their community."
Thankfully we were able to construct the new Water Treatment Plant and upgrade a critical piece of infrastructure over the past four years, to put us in the position where we can begin to extend the water main.
A new water treatment plant was opened in 2014.
SOURCE Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada For further information: Media may contact: Andrew MacKendrick, Office of the Honourable Jane Philpott, 819-956-5372; Media Relations, Department of Indigenous Services Canada, 819-953-1160

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