The Grass is Greener with Clean Air Lawn Care

The Grass is Greener with Clean Air Lawn Care.
Whether they’re playing catch with their kids or fetch with their pets, Clean Air Lawn Care clients are breathing easier knowing environmentally friendly, child- and pet-safe practices are being used to maintain their yards this summer.
The local lawn care company offers a full range of sustainable services, from organic lawn treatments and solar-powered mowing to yard cleanup.
The company uses solar-powered equipment charged through the solar panels mounted atop the company vehicle that visits clients’ homes, which helps to reduce local air, noise and water pollution.
The green-friendly business, which also includes Martin’s wife, Katie Felts-Martin, takes a unique approach to lawn maintenance, considering the health of your yard, family, pets, neighbors and the local environment when caring for every blade of grass.
For clients who opt for long-term maintenance, Clean Air visits their yard every week to provide sustainable lawn care, including mowing and trimming with solar-powered equipment.
“And we mulch in grass clippings and leaves, putting all that nitrogen right back into the soil.” The nitrogen nourishes the turf, and the company’s strategy of cutting off just an inch of grass with each weekly mow allows lawns to grow greener and lusher, with less room for weeds and more space on each blade to bring in the sun and oxygen your yard needs to grow fuller, Martin explains.
Every five to six weeks from spring through fall, Clean Air returns to each client’s yard to apply a low volume of organic fertilizer, a granular product made with plant-based ingredients such as alfalfa, molasses and kelp.
We will be working on a yard, and the homeowners might not even know we’re here.” Additionally, the solar mowers don’t release toxic emissions into the environment, while Environmental Protection Agency studies have shown that small-engine mowers and trimmers account for 5 to 10 percent of annual air pollution, including chemicals such as nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide and unspent fuel emitted at an hourly rate equivalent to the emissions of your sport utility vehicle after it travels several thousand miles.
“We take our time on each property; we want to make sure your lawn looks awesome every week,” Martin notes, adding that his business goes the extra mile to put on finishing touches, including trimming vertical edges on the lawn, blowing grass clippings from sidewalks and driveways, and pulling any weeds that may pop up to prevent them from spreading until he returns the next week.

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