The History Behind Oscoda’s Water Contamination

The History Behind Oscoda’s Water Contamination.
Understanding a complex issue like the Oscoda groundwater contamination takes time, and as it turns out, a history lesson doesn’t hurt.
Bob Delaney, Michigan’s Environmental Quality Specialist explained that while people have a right to be concerned about the contaminants, understanding the history behind the Air Force’s decision to use those chemicals is essential to getting a broader understanding of the topic.
In the end 134 sailors died, 161 sailors were injured, and a half billion dollars worth of damage was done,” reported Delaney.
The Navy realized right away they couldn’t stomach those kind of losses, so in an attempt to protect their men and future flights, they decided to find something that could extinguish fires much more efficiently.
They worked with 3M, and they came up with a fire fighting foam called A Triple F that would put out flames in one minute.
“Say this plane goes down, and it’s burning.
So three minutes until everyone’s dead in that plane.
They figured it takes two minutes to drive out to the plane and set up, and one minute to get that fire out.
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