The inspiring story behind India’s first solar ferry

A solar-powered ferry that comes with low operational costs and does not in any way pollute the water is among the most feasible solutions to combat this problem.
Coincidentally, this was when AltEn, one of the world’s most experienced solar boats manufacturer was looking for a partner in India.
The product When asked about the company’s vision, Sandith says, “NavAlt’s vision is to make marine transport more efficient by drastically reducing the energy and resources needed for building and operation.” Currently, the Chief Naval Architect and MD at NavAlt, Sandith says, “We aim to create a cleaner and commercially viable inland water transport system.
Conventional passenger boats powered by diesel engines cause a lot of air and water pollution.
NavAlt offers solar ferry boats that do not have any of these problems.
India’s first solar ferry is currently operating on the Vaikom – Thanakadavu route in Kerala.
Sandith says, “We are in the process of making water transport more efficient.
Sandith says, “It is a moment of great pleasure and it is a motivation for innovative startups like us.
Although the technology has been borrowed from France, the cost of the ferries isn’t too high, since the manufacturing has been done in India from scratch.
Over the next few years, NavAlt will be developing more solar ferries, and will also work with the Government to expand their service.

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