The Port City Faces Threat!

The Port City Faces Threat!.
With no check on industrial accidents that arise at regular intervals, the largest industrial hub in Andhra Pradesh is reportedly sitting on a dust tub.
Social audit and third party inspection of new facilities promised by the powers-that-be has remained unfulfilled.
Large quantities of fishes are killed regularly due to the release of toxic substances from the industries and the sewage water into the sea, despite what the oceanography institute claims.
Noise pollution has crossed 200 decibel in NAD Kotha Road and other busy areas.
The city will reportedly soon have a dearth of water in both quality and quantity, along with a loss of green cover.
This will be due to the damage of local reservoirs which play a huge role in providing water supply to houses.
Not only this, industrial and traffic pollution is rapidly spreading far and wide into air and water entering the food chain and causing fatal diseases like cancer.
The city is also generating so much of organic, inorganic and bio-medical waste that GVMC is unable to handle it except dumping it carelessly.
In the absence of sound urban planning, more and more secondary population are being forced to live in slums where the environment is vitiated and the living conditions are literally ‘sub-Saharan’.

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