The report – Inquiry into Havelock North water contamination

The report – Inquiry into Havelock North water contamination.
Overview [4]Hastings District Council ("District Council") supplies drinking water to consumers in Havelock North.
[7]This Inquiry has found that several of the parties with responsibility for the water supply regime for Havelock North (in particular the District Council, DWAs and Hawke’s Bay Regional Council ("Regional Council")) failed to adhere to the high levels of care and diligence necessary to protect public health and to avoid outbreaks of serious illness.
The Outbreak [31]In August 2016, an outbreak of gastroenteritis occurred in Havelock North.
Given the evidence received by the Inquiry in relation to the unconfined nature of the aquifer and the security of the Hastings bores and the Brookvale Road bores, the Inquiry considers this was a necessary and prudent decision.
3.What was the source and cause of the contamination of the Havelock North drinking water supply in August 2016.
How was the outbreak managed.
The Regional Council alleged that the District Council had failed adequately to maintain the bore works’ structures for Brookvale Road bores 1 and 2.
He also advised that plans were underway for the Joint Working Group to investigate the security of the aquifer and that the District Council was in the process of reviewing its management and accountability processes in relation to the operation of Brookvale Road bore 3, and the Hastings bores.
[95]As part of the updating evidence, the Inquiry also received evidence from the Chief Executives of the District Council, Regional Council, and the District Health Board as to the workings of the Joint Working Group.

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