These Popsicles Are Highlighting the Problem of Water Pollution

These Popsicles Are Highlighting the Problem of Water Pollution.
Three students from the National Taiwan University of the Arts are drawing attention to the problem of water pollution by making and displaying 100 summer-ready popsicles – but with a catch.
Each popsicle is made with water taken from polluted lakes, ports, rivers and beaches across Taiwan.
The differing colors and textures are a result of the main polluters in its environment – there’s plastic, metal, arsenic, mercury and host of other toxic substances.
Weirdly enough, the popsicles are actually beautiful.
If you didn’t know they were made from contaminated water, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them going for $15 a pop at some trendy ice cream store.
Contaminated water is a global problem, according to the charity WaterAid, 663 million people worldwide – one in 10 – don’t have access to clean water.
The students hope that as well as piquing your interest in a refreshing popsicle, their project will also highlight just how contaminated the water all around us can be and inspire us to work together to make a change.
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