This 34-year-old from Assam has come up with a solution that can save up to 90pc household water

Goutam Surana started Eco365 to provide water conservation solutions for households, saving over 100 crore liters of water so far.
Our products bring efficiency by using less water from existing tap fixtures without compromising on their rinsing ability.
Saving up to 90 percent water The products at Eco365 range from water-saving aerators and adaptors to water-free urinal solutions.
The water-saving adaptors and aerators for washbasins can reduce up to 90 percent water consumption.
Regular showers flow at 15–20 litres per minute.
The Green Toilet Bank, also called Tank Bank, allows one to save up to three litres of water on every flush without any sacrifice on performance.
A concept popular in European countries, it is now considered a good solution to save water in Indian offices as well.
In the former, the gravity-fed design moves urine through the system without using or wasting any water, thereby saving 100 percent of the energy associated with traditional flush urinals.
The latter solution involves retrofitting existing urinals into water-free ones.
A retrofitted tap could annually save 20,000–30,000 litres.

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