This Florida City No Longer Has Water for Drinking or Flushing the Toilet After Hurricane Irma

Residents will not have access to toilet water or drinking water until further notice.
When the storm dies down, according to utilities director Javier Vargas, employees will find the water main break and repair it.
After they do that, residents will be instructed to boil their water for 48 hours before drinking it.
“It appears there is a significant water main break within the system.
Employees are waiting for the storm to abate so they can go out, find the water main break, repair it, and restore water service as soon as possible.
Until then, water service is completely discontinued.
This means City of Venice customers will have no drinking water or water to flush toilets.
When that occurs, customers will have to boil water for 48 hours for drinking and cooking purposes, and until the boil water notice has been rescinded.” Angela Homoky lives in Venice and said she doesn’t remember ever experiencing a water main break before, but was "prepared with over 150 gallons of fresh water stockpiled."
"Earlier I saw a very large tree in my backyard that was completely uprooted and on the ground and had completely ripped all the top soil and grass with it!
Prior to the shut-down, the city’s municipal government posted a Facebook status saying that the utilities department was "having difficulties at the water plant due to the storm."

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