This new craze for "raw water" will not end well

In 1854, after at least five hundred people died of cholera in London, Dr. John Snow mapped where the victims were and determined that the source was a water pump on Broad Street.
In 2017, according to Nellie Bowles in the New York Times, people are lining up to buy "raw water" at six bucks a gallon.
This is similar to how most juice and dairy products are pasteurized for shelf stability.
Unfortunately this sterilization destroys beneficial sources of minerals and probiotics.
“Tap water?
But spring water can contain lots of other things, like Guardia or e.coli.
It had to be filtered, disinfected with UV, chlorinated (a requirement of the city) and then dechlorinated.
Making water safe to drink is actually hard work.
And after all of this, it still isn’t checked as often as the city water, and probably doesn’t taste as good.
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