Three Reasons Families Need Healthy Rivers

June is National Rivers Month – a great time to celebrate the rivers and streams flowing through our communities and think about the importance of healthy rivers to our families.
They give us our drinking water.
There are few things more fundamental to the health of our families than clean drinking water.
Let’s use National Rivers Month as a chance to highlight the importance of healthy rivers for all children, and let our members of Congress know that clean water must be a top priority for all Americans.
Your kids need clean drinking water.
Rivers flow through our veins.
As our kids grow up, we want to know that the water flowing from our taps is clean and safe.
Too many communities in our country (it’s not just Flint) do not have access to safe drinking water.
Imagine if our decision makers and members of Congress understood our bodies – their own bodies – as directly connected to the health of rivers and the natural world.
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