Three water main breaks reported in Greer; Boil water advisory issued

Breaks on Suber Road and Brushy Creek Road were repaired Tuesday, while a water main break on Pelham Street was worked on throughout Wednesday, according to the Greer Commission of Public Works.
Crews worked since Tuesday night to shut water off at the Pelham Street site, said Alison Rauch, a Greer CPW spokeswoman.
“It’s still in progress.
… They’ve been out working on this pretty much all night,” she said Wednesday.
As a result, residents in the surrounding area should expect to have no or low water pressure.
A boil water advisory is in effect while crews work on the water main.
The advisory will remain in effect until further notice in order to allow crews time to repair the break and submit water samples for testing, Rauch said.
Residents should boil their water for at least minute before using it.
“It’s just this time of year when the ground temperature changes and our pipes expand and contract,” Rauch said.
“With the temperatures being like they are for the next few days, we’re going to see more of these.”

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