Town of Lewiston: Water, water, everywhere

Town of Lewiston: Water, water, everywhere.
WWTP administrator discusses recent sewer back-ups Editor-in-Chief Following last week’s deluge of rains, there was water, water everywhere – much of it in residents’ basements – Lewiston wastewater treatment plant administrator Jeff Ritter told Supervisor Steve Broderick and the Lewiston Town Board meeting on Monday.
He told board members that, normally by this time of the year, Lewiston typically averages 6.6 inches of rain.
"It’s an all-time record for the treatment plant for the first five months of the year," Ritter said.
"The treatment plant can only pump the water as fast as it can get there," he continued.
"And there are several irate homeowners who blame the town when there is flooding."
Ritter said adding a half-dozen or more illegal sump pump hook-ups to the sanitary sewer "would definitely help surcharge the system."
They will essentially drain their lawn to the town’s sanitary sewer system, he said.
He told the board his department "responded to every call with a sewer backup."
The hearing was left open, with Town Board action expected at the May 22 session.

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