Township gets grant for water improvements

The state DEP recently put together a contract for a $500,000 grant that Washington Township will use with the Borough of Waynesboro Authority to provide public water to those with contaminated private water sources.
Unlike some other state grants, the grant will require no matching funds, however it still requires upfront payment before receiving the reimbursement, according to Michael Christopher, Washington Township manager.
According to Christopher, four properties have been affected to the point that they are being provided with bottled water by the DEP.
As of last July, two of those homes were unoccupied, one was a rental property and the other is an archeological dig site.
Two chemicals have been found that prevent usage of the groundwater on those properties: trichloroethylene (TCE) which is used as an industrial solvent and tetrachloroethylene, a chemical used in dry cleaning and degreasing.
While not many residents have a private water source in the affected area, the contamination has been inconvenient because in addition to being undrinkable, people also need to avoid exposure to contaminated water vapor and skin contact with contaminated water.
The problem of contaminated groundwater in the affected area has been a long process in Washington Township.
So far, contamination beyond the accepted limits has been found in a spring at the corner of Anthony Highway and Hollengreen Drive and at a home in the 8700 block of Lyons Road.
In the end the DEP decided on a roughly $500,000 price point for the project.
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