Toxic Secrets: Where the sites with PFAS contamination are near you

Each weekend, mountain bikers zoom through bush nearby.
Fairfax Media can reveal that the training ground at Westleigh is one of 10 sites in Sydney, 25 in NSW and 90 sites across the nation that authorities are investigating for elevated levels of per- and polyfluoroalkyl chemicals (PFAS).
Fairfax Media has previously revealed 50 cancer cases over a 15 year period near the Williamtown air base, an area that has also been contamined with PFAS chemicals from firefighting foam.
Among them are eight fire brigade training grounds, including Kemps Creek and Westleigh in Sydney.
He did not know about the PFAS.
Long-time resident Warren Burgess, who had followed coverage of the PFAS contamination near Newcastle, said when it came to his neighbourhood, “we’ve had no warning, no news at all.” Four commercial airports in NSW are under scrutiny, including Camden and Bankstown Airports.
But an RFS spokesman said Kemps Creek residents and neighbouring businesses had been notified through door knocks, community meetings, flyers and website information.
Only one area had tested above the PFAS acceptable guidelines while recommendations not to use surface water for drinking, cooking or watering produce were precautionary.
The chemicals were found in surface water beyond the boundary of the site.
Several others living near the base said they had not heard of the contamination.

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