Trading booze for water

Trading booze for water.
Joe Amon / The Denver Post) Big Colorado brewers are pitching in to make access to clean water fall lower on the list of things people affected by devastating flooding in Texas have to worry about.
Oskar Blues Brewery shut down beer production in Longmont Tuesday afternoon, filling 88,800 cans with safe water.
Trucks are estimated to arrive in Texas later in the week.
Broomfield-based Ball Corp. donated the cans and the brewery’s the CAN’d Aid Foundation will make sure it reaches the people who need it most.
We’ve gotten pretty good at this," Oskar Blues spokesman Chad Melis said.
The brewery first became involved in disaster outreach when calamity hit home.
Oskar Blues isn’t the only brewery to respond with canned water donations.
Ball Corp. also partnered with MillerCoors to can emergency drinking water.
Water canned at the Revolver brewery, about 275 miles northwest of Houston, will be trucked to Red Cross shelters set up in southeast Texas, the region hit hardest by the devastating flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey.

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