Trump budget threatens key programs

Trump budget threatens key programs.
The history of genocide and assimilation of the indigenous people is hidden, as well as how we were forced to believe the white man’s way is the only way.
The administration has proposed cutting the EPA’s budget by $2.5 billion and DOI’s budget by $1.6 billion, which would eviscerate key programs that North Dakotans need to ensure that we leave a strong and healthy legacy for our children.
We will not be able to safeguard our public lands and our families’ drinking water if leaders in Washington continue to allow special interests to take priority over the needs of average Americans.
In North Dakota, headwater, rain-fed and seasonal streams contribute to the drinking water supplies of 290,000 people.
Rather than taking steps to ensure that our children and the generations that follow have access to clean drinking water, Trump and his administration have put the needs of corporate polluters first.
Cuts to DOI and EPA clearly signal to North Dakotans that this president does not care about our health or our outdoors.
Instead of maximizing sellouts to special interests, our leaders in Washington need to recognize what so many before them have: When our parks thrive, so do Americans.
We are counting on our leaders in Washington to reject any more cuts to the EPA and DOI for the sake of our most sacred resources in North Dakota — our lands and our waters.
North Dakotans across the state will resist any actions by our leaders in Washington that would harm our outdoor heritage, or the clean drinking water our children need.

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