Turning Salt Water into.. Fresh Water

Turning Salt Water into.. Fresh Water.
This new method of distillation is game changing.
The process requires a huge amount of energy to produce enough heat needed to boil the water.
According to Water treatment expert and co-author of the study, Qilin Li: Direct solar desalination could be a game changer for some of the estimated 1 billion people who lack access to clean drinking water This off-grid technology is capable of providing sufficient clean water for family use in a compact footprint, and it can be scaled up to provide water for larger communities.
By using a technique called membrane distillation.
When the nanoparticles are added to the membrane, it’ll heat up by itself.
Unlike the distillation method used at present, this method will not require energy to heat the water.
It’s called "nanophotonics-enabled solar membrane distillation" technology, or NESMD.
The team tested the NESMD chamber and managed to get a water production rate of about 6 litres per square metre per hour.
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