Unsafe water

Unsafe water.
According to some news reports, industrial effluents are polluting ground water reserves.
This is indeed a serious development which must be addressed without any delay as pollution of ground water reserves will spread diseases among habitants of area close to its vicinity.
There is a dire need to check each industry involved in this malpractice.
They must be advised to make arrangement to treat the effluent water before releasing from their industry.
The CM of Punjab is requested to instruct industrialists to strictly follow regulations on the treatment of polluted water.
Any defaulter, if found, must be penalised so that this malpractice can be curbed.
One suggests that water samples of suspected polluted water around industries must be analysed for the detection of hazardous contents in water and relevant solution must be suggested to prevent likely diseases.
This task can be assigned to the University of Agriculture Faisalabad to recommend preventive methods to make water pollution free.
Engr Riaz Akbar Wah Cantt

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