UPDATE: Boil advisory lifted in Cresco

by Michelle Corless, originally posted on October 24, 2016



UPDATE:  The City of Cresco says it has lifted its boil advisory.

The city started having problems with its water a few days ago. A large water main break happened over the weekend. It has now been fixed.

People who live there no longer have to boil their water.

UPDATE: The City of Cresco’s Public Works Director says the department has determined the problem and is working on it now.

The boil advisory remains in effect, and the city is asking people to conserve water until further notice.

The City of Cresco is issuing a boil advisory. The city is experiencing problems with its water.

KWWL spoke with Rod Freidhof, Public Works Director. He says he’s not sure what’s causing the problems at this time. The department is investigating.

The city is recommending people boil all water before drinking or using it in other ways.

The city is also asking people conserve water until the boil advisory is lifted.

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