Update: Southwest Ouachita Waterworks boil advisory rescinded

originally posted on January 11, 2017


OUACHITA PARISH, La. (KNOE 8 News) – Update: Customers with Southwest Ouachita Waterworks are no longer under a boil advisory, after the advisory was rescinded Wednesday.

Customers woke up to dark water Saturday morning, which prompted the issuing of the boil advisory..

Here is the release, issued by Southwest Ouachita Waterworks:

“Southwest Ouachita Waterworks, Inc. has issued a Boil Advisory to approximately 50% of the water system customers. Customers served from the Charlie Griggs Rd. well site discovered very dark water this morning. The Woodlawn area was the most affected by the dark water.

Customers affected were notified by telephone, text, and/or e-mail this morning using the system’s automated ALERT system.

Upon investigation by the system personnel, malfunctioning equipment, along with extremely high usage due to freezing temperatures overnight, caused the elevated tank to go into lower than normal level. This caused the dark water at the bottom of the tank to enter the distribution lines.

As system personnel continue to flush the distribution lines, along with customer usage, the color should diminish within the next 48 hours.

System personnel suggest that customers do not attempt to wash clothes until the water is clear at the home.

Southwest Ouachita Waterworks’ Charlie Griggs Rd. well site is currently operating on generator power until other power supply problems can be corrected.

Southwest Ouachita Water apologizes for this inconvenience. Personnel will be working throughout the night to alleviate this dark water.

We will keep you advised as to when the Boil Advisory is rescinded.

Customers served by other well sites are not affected by this Boil Advisory.”

Rescission Advisory Issued 1/11/17:

For the customers on Aaron Road, Adams Lane, Amanda Lane, Bill Golson Road, Blackwell Road, Bob Murphy Road, Browning Road, 211-258 Buddy Beard Road, Caples Road, Carra Lane, 121-1166 Charlie Griggs Road, Charlie McCain Road, Danna Road, Day Road, Dick Tracy Drive, Dogwood Lane, Dowdy Road, Dykes Road, Ed Rutldge Road, Elkins Road, Emmett Arrant Road, Fannin Road, Folden Road, Gadwall Lane, Guess Road, Guyton Road, H. B. Calhoun Road, Hat Creek Drive, 409-1477 LA 557, 104-242 LA 34, Howlett Road, 198-1840 LA 3033, Isaac Burnett Road, Jackie Drive, Jamie Drive, Jim Arrant Road, Jim Howlett Road, Jimmy Lee Lane, Johnny Lane, 3601-6655 Jonesboro Road, Karen Road, Laing Road, Lakeview Road, Lambert Lane, 116-1754 Lapine Road, Laura Wilkes Road, Lee Gates Road, Lenard Lane, Lisa LaJuan Drive, Little Lake Road, 1182-1300 Lovelady Road, Lynch Road, Martin Road, Mathis Road, May Road, McCarty Lane, Mt. Vernon Church Road, Newell Johnson Road, Pepper Road, Philpot Road, Pintail Lane, Ponderosa Road, Price Road, Rebecca Drive, Red Cut Road, Risher Road, Rogers Road, Ruben Johnson Road, Rutledge Road, Sandalberry Road, Sangria Drive, Saterfield Road, Smith Brothers Road, Sunnybrook Road, Swillie Lane, T. P. Beard Road, Tidwell Road, Tramm Road, Traxler Road, Tyson Road, VFW Road, Waggoner Road, Webb Pierce Road, Woodlawn School Road, Z Street in Ouachita Parish
January 11th 2017
The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals/Office of Public Health, hereby rescinds the BOIL ADVISORY issued by Southeast Ouachita Water System. The samples cleared on 1/11/2017.


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