Uxbridge allows water tie-in for house with contaminated well

UXBRIDGE – Volatile organic compounds dumped some 20 years ago off Kempton Road, just over the town line in Millville, were recently detected above drinking level standards in a private well at 452 East St. in Uxbridge, Department of Public Works Director Benn S. Sherman told selectmen Monday.
The state Department of Environmental Protection, which has been periodically monitoring the plume, would normally put in a treatment unit to protect drinking water.
But since the affected property has physical access to municipal water, although the owner had not connected to the system, regulators asked that the town authorize the connection.
Commissioners have allowed 186 connections on a pumping station built for 150 houses.
The volatile organic compounds, including trichlorethene (or TCE), PCE and 1,4-dioxane, were found to exceed standards in the private well test on Feb. 2.
“It’s really variable,” Dr. David Tapscott of the Uxbridge Board of Health told selectmen.
Differences may depend on age of the well, depth and different geology.
In other business, selectmen approved by a vote of 4-0-1 Town Manager Angeline L. Ellison’s short-term goals, for the first 90 days of her tenure.
Selectman Peter Baghdasarian abstained from approving the goals, stating they were “a waste of time.” “What we have to do first is renegotiate the contract,” he said, raising objections to terminology regarding time frames in the contract, which he believed violated the town charter.
“You decided to walk out of it.” Ms. Ellison said, “Renegotiating my contract is not on the table.”

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