VIDEO | Blades water crisis prompts public meeting on solution moving foward

A public meeting provided an update to hundreds of residents in Blades who cannot use their running water following a discovery that the town’s wells were contaminated.
Late last week, the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) announced they were distributing bottled water to area residents after the town’s well water system was found to be contaminated by perfluorinated compounds (PFCs).
The filtration system will help fix the problem; however, it will only act as a temporary solution.
"Everything bottled water.
DNREC said the water from the sampled wells are safe to use for bathing and laundry, but cannot be used for cooking or drinking.
He said he quickly put the cup down.
"You get just outside of town limits here and there’s a lot of other houses that are on wells that aren’t on city water.
There were several residents who showed up that live just outside the town limits of Blades who have private wells and shared the same concern that Tom expressed.
Secretary Garvin said DNREC will be investigating, and for now fixing the issue remains the state’s top priority.
The carbon filtration system set to be installed in the town will be temporary, and only a full filtration system would provide a permanent solution to the issue to prevent any future contamination to the town’s water system.

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