Villagers to raise funds for project

After over 10 years of struggle to get clean drinking water to their homes, the villagers of Wairiki in Bua have opted to do their own fundraising to fund their water project.
Tui Wairiki Akuila Turaganiqali said they knew they had to take the first step if they wanted something done.
A total of 24 families do not have access to safe drinking water.
He said the villagers have had enough years of struggle.
"It’s about time that we step out and do something that will benefit everyone in our village.
"We are currently getting our drinking, bathing and cooking water from the nearby Wairiki river that flows from the Nakoroba mountain and another water source that we have is located one kilometre away from the village, named the Namakuta water source."
Mr Turaganiqali said water from the water source in Namakuta could not cater for the whole village.
"It’s too low and we continue to struggle to get water," he said.
"The Wairiki river sometimes gets polluted during floods and also at times, the cows would be bathing in the same river which is very unhygienic."
Mr Turaganiqali said they had decided to do their own fundraising so they could have water pipes installed through their village.

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