Virginia Beach mobile home park owners cited after pipes froze in cold snap

It’s been almost two weeks since Jared Koestler and most of his neighbors could shower in their homes.
This was after the city found leaks in privately managed pipes, which froze during last week’s cold snap.
The owner has until Jan. 16 to let the city know its plan to fix the pipes.
For a day after last week’s blizzard, the faucets in Koestler’s house were “sputtering air,” he said.
Any home is at risk for burst pipes in extreme cold.
In County View, trailers sit on crawlspaces that are protected only by thick vinyl or lattice.
Virginia Beach has seen an ‘unprecedented’ number of burst pipes in the last week – anywhere from 100 to 150 calls a day, Cherry said.
The city can’t fix private pipes, but it can respond to the calls to shut off water, Cherry said.
At County View, issues with water pressure began when temperatures started falling into the teens.
The city plans to keep that water station as long as temperatures are above freezing and residents need it, according to Freed’s email.

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